A Little About Dr. Rick

Beginning in the late 1970ʻs, my work in applied microbiology and immunology took me in many directions. Our work in food safety initiated a national effort to remove antibiotic residues from the milk supply. Today unlawful antibiotic residues in farm milk is rare and commercial surveillance is excellent. In the 1980ʻs we studied the movement of animal waste bacteria into streams and the ocean. Our work resulted in improved animal waste management practices along rivers and estuaries.

Then in Hawai‘i in the 2000ʻs we began the study of human fecal microbes moving into the coastal waters of the island. With over 50 thousand cesspools on Hawai‘i island the likelihood of contamination is high. As it unfortunately turns out, human bacteria in wastewater will colonize beach sand and present some risk to beach goers. Fortunately, the seawater remains fairly clear and the UV from the sun is a powerful germicide.

Tracking microbes provides experience and a skill set that I am happy to apply, to help us understand the dramatic challenges of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Hawai‘i is my home and culture and sharing mana‘o (wisdom) is what we do for each other.

​I hope this information is helpful and empowering.

​Mahalo Nui,

Dr. Rick

​Applied Life Sciences LLC

PO Box 895

Honaunau, Hawai‘i 96726

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