It Is True, Words Used Wrong, Kill.

The data behind this post, burns a very painful reality; it brings profound sadness and rage in people who lost family and friends.

The words of leaders do affect human behavior for the better and for the worst.

Ω This data from May 21st, the result of some very sophisticated computer simulations, tells as very sad but true story.

The failure of some leaders to acknowledge the pandemic, mandate social distancing and isolation, for just one week, cost 36,897 people their lives. If the leaders had acted two weeks sooner, 54,054 may have been spared.

The US map of infection would look far different with far less infections, than it does today, as shown on the maps above.

Ω Scientists project when there was the first known case in NYC, there were 10 thousand others infected. As one infects three, the number of infected persons grows exponentially with each day delaying the time tested actions that limit epidemics. Persons completely ignorant of disease prevention, made no decisions or the wrong decisions. Some states like Hawaii and California made the right decisions and lives were saved. These governors heeded the wisdom of their scientists and physicians.

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