Really, Let the Infection Vaccinate?

Some advocate letting the infection rate run rampant to achieve herd immunity status. There is just one problem with this tactic, it is called ethics.

In the case of COVID 19 about 70% of all of us need to be recovered from the infection, to attain an immune herd. There are some that believe this is an ok price to pay to get the economy growing again.

Right now the Case Fatality Rate (CFR) is just under 6%. To get to 70% immune 13.7 Americans will die. The word UNETHICAL hardly explains the price we would have to pay. Such an course of action could bankrupt all of us and the country.

Let us pray the science of epidemic control will prevail and we will seek herd immunity by developing and deploying a free, safe and effective vaccine for the USA and all the world.

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